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In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, the European Union is gearing up for a significant update: the NIS2 Directive. With the digital landscape expanding, securing cyber infrastructure is more critical than ever. At SecDesk, we’ve recognized a cloud of uncertainty surrounding NIS2 among many of our clients, with questions ranging from the necessity of compliance to the intricacies of adhering to its regulations. Starting this January, SecDesk is committed to demystifying the NIS2 directives for you. We will outline who needs to comply and provide a clear roadmap for how to navigate these new regulations effectively.

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Understanding the Timeline

The directive’s timeline is a common area of confusion. Officially, NIS2 is set to take effect on December 31, 2024. However, understanding the ‘effective date’ varies. The EU directive is already published, but each member state will transpose NIS2 into national law, detailing how entities within their jurisdictions should comply. For example, the Netherlands has proactively begun this process, with final regulations expected by this summer, underscoring the urgency for organizations to prepare now.

Who Must Comply with NIS2?

NIS2 casts a wide net, encompassing a broad spectrum of sectors deemed essential or important. Generally, it applies to entities with either an annual turnover exceeding 50 million euros or a workforce of more than 250 employees. Additionally, organizations with more than 43 million euros on their balance sheets in sectors like energy, transportation, finance, healthcare, digital infrastructure, and more are included. It’s important to note that certain exceptions exist, and some companies outside these categories may still fall under NIS2’s umbrella.

NIS2’s Reach Beyond the EU: Will NIS2 apply in the UK?

Since the UK is no longer a member of the EU, it is not obligated to implement EU directives. Nevertheless, it’s reasonable to anticipate the UK might introduce similar, if not NIS2-based, legislation to stay aligned with European cybersecurity standards.

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SecDesk is here to guide you through the new directive, ensuring that your transition to compliance is as smooth and straightforward as possible. With our expertise, you’ll not only understand NIS2 but also learn how our tailored services can facilitate your organization’s compliance, providing peace of mind in a time of regulatory change.

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