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Discover the SecDesk Difference.

Every business is different, and so are its security requirements. Our model is designed to evolve with your needs

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The SecDesk model

Discover the SecDesk Difference

Cybersecurity isn’t a one-size-fits-all venture. SecDesk understands the unique needs of small to mid-sized businesses. Instead of overwhelming packages, we craft security plans based on your actual needs, ensuring you only pay for what benefits you.

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Dive deep into your organization to understand

  • Key players & their roles
  • IT infrastructure
  • Policies / procedures
  • Roles / responsibilities
  • Intellectual properties and assets
Risk assessment

Risk Assessment

Using insights from our introduction, we analyze

  • Vulnerability scans
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Team insights
  • Potential malware threats
Customized subscription

Customized Subscription

We present a clear security roadmap, aligning our services to match your needs. As your business evolves, so does our support. Want to learn more?

Always have the right security solutions at your fingertips. Let SecDesk be your cybersecurity partner, so you can stay focused on what you do best.

SecDesk’s Flexible Security Packages

Every subscription comes bundled with pre-paid consulting hours. Use these whenever you have a cybersecurity query, concern, or task. Our consultants, serving as your dedicated cybersecurity liaisons, ensure effective budget management and offer a deep understanding of your organization’s security landscape.

Flexible subscription

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Adaptable to Your Needs

There are many reasons your security needs might change over time

  • Preparing for ISO27001 certification?
  • Business model transitioning?
  • Growing organization
  • changing IT providers?
  • Facing varying online risks?

SecDesk is flexible. Adjust, enhance, or trim services based on your needs.

Risk assessment

Sample Security Bundles

While every package is customized to your exact needs, here are some packages crafted for three different types of clients

Logistic Company
€ 7.000 per month

Logistic Company

  • Security consulting (8 hours)
  • Daily web app security scans
  • Coding support
  • Monthly phishing training
  • GDPR guidance

and more…


SAAS Provider
€5.000 per month

SAAS Provider

  • Security consulting (16 hours)
  • Biannual internal network testing
  • Annual phishing campaigns
  • Additional 8 hours for policy creation

and more…

Electronic Device wholesaler
€ 800 per month

Electronic Device wholesaler

  • Security consulting (10 hours)
  • Continuous external app scans
  • Basic phishing training
  • Annual network vulnerability scan.

Need a specific service?

Need Specific Services? If you’re looking for a particular cybersecurity solution without a full subscription, explore our stand-alone services:

Join hands with a team that places your business security first, no matter what the job size or type!

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Or get in touch and we can discuss all the options!