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SecDesk offers subscription-based cyber security, tailored to your organization, adjustable monthly to your needs. No need to hire your own security team!

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Why opt for an in-house security partner?

Cost saving

Cost saving

A full security team at your disposal when you need them, hassle free. No more need for managing or hiring. Get your dedicated team today

Full security package

Full security package

SecDesk offers multiple services with a clear pricing plan, no hidden fees, no surprise additions

Flexible contract security


Your plan can be adjusted and scaled monthly, according to your security needs

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SecDesk offers a flexible security team which scales and adapts to the needs of your company

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Our Services

Points of entry defense

In-house security

Cyber Security specialists at the ready when you need them. On a regular basis or ad-hoc. Specialist in a specific field or an all-rounder, the choice is yours!

Password stuffing attack

Penetration test

Performed on your digital assets by our certified ethical hackers to show potential weaknesses and how to fix them

Scam attack

Security Awareness

In-person awareness training, tailored to your industry and needs. Improve the cyber resilience of your employees in an interactive way


Vulnerability scanning

By scanning your infrastructure on a regular basis you create insight into progress in and current standing of your security posture

Phishing attack

Phishing campaign

SecDesk can run phishing simulations through phone, email or sms messages to get insight into the awareness level of your employees

Ransomware attack

Bug bounty

SecDesk can help you; set-up, manage or verify bugs for your bug bounty program

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Rfid card

Physical pentest

Simulating a physical intrusion or mystery guest visit shows possible weaknesses in access and on-site security measures and procedures

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Password stuffing defense

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